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Maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime

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Dental Cleanings
The hygienist will remove plaque and calculus by using an ultrasonic scaler, hand scaling, polishing, flossing, and will review oral hygiene instructions. 

Exams with Digital Radiographs
Modern, digital x-ray machines use a low dose of a radiation to capture detailed images of your mouth’s structure. X-rays help your dentist see problems like infections, cavities between teeth, bone density, impacted wisdom teeth and much more.

Oral Cancer Screening
Oral cancer screening is an examination performed by the dentist to look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth.

Dental sealants play a crucial role in maintaining oral health by preventing tooth decay, especially in vulnerable areas of the mouth. They are a simple yet effective preventive measure that can help individuals of all ages enjoy healthier teeth and smiles.

Fluoride Treatments
Treatment that is placed on teeth that is a natural mineral that builds strong teeth and helps to prevent cavities.


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561 S. Denali Street, Suite B

Palmer, AK 99645

(907) 745-8122

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Monday-Thursday: 8:30 AM–4:30 PM

Friday-Sunday: Closed

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